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DS3 / T3 Connection: This is equivalent to 28 T1 lines and carries 672 channels. The T3 line has a bandwidth of 44.736 megabits per second. If your company is quite large, provides broadband service for 100+ users, or runs video conferencing you may be in the market for a T3 line.

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A T1 Line is a dedicated line used for business.

A T1 line can lower your telecommunications costs by replacing your individual telephone lines and Internet access with a single T1 line. Normally, when your monthly telecom costs exceed $500 to $600 you can consider your business a good candidate for a T1 line.

Your T1 line price depends primarily on the distance to your phone company's local office. You get a reliable T1 line cost quote quickly because we can determine that distance and know the rates T1 line provides charge in your area.

Even if your monthly costs are less, you can consider a fractional T1 line. This is a T1 line that is shared by nearby businesses. In this way, multiple businesses can reduce their telecom expenses by sharing a single T1 line.

In today's cost cutting, competitive environment every dollar of expenses you save will affect your profitability. Get your online T1 line price quote right now to determine if you can reduce your telecom expenses.

NOTE: Unless you have a business, a T1 line will not be cost effective for you. If you are looking for high speed Internet for your home, you can learn everything you need to know about a residential T1 line as well as lower cost alternatives for high speed Internet.

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